further details of a course for choral singers led by Gabriel Díaz
14 to 19 October 2018

Our plan will be to meet in the evening for supper on Sunday 14 October 2018. Then on the following five days to do a full morning’s work (say from 9.30am to 1pm, with a break), then take an indulgent four-hour lunch break – to rest the voice and explore the city – and then put in another couple of hours of singing from 5pm to 7pm before supper. We will arrange a supper for everyone together on the first and last evenings (not included in the fee for the course), but let the party split into smaller groups on the other four evenings. The course will end with a public performance in the evening of Friday 19 October.

Singers of student age – which we will not define too closely – are invited to apply for a full scholarship to Singing in Seville. These places are intended for current, recent or prospective university choral scholars, music students or other singers seriously interested in developing their vocal skills and ensemble musicianship. There will be opportunities to form smaller-scale groups outside the times of the choral sessions. The scholars are exempt from the course fee but pay for their own travel and accommodation costs. We can help in finding inexpensive lodgings. To apply, just email us giving brief details of your singing experience.

You arrange your own accommodation; Seville is used to coping with large numbers of visitors and has a wide range of places to stay. Our rehearsal venue is in Calle Cervantes (almost opposite the Hotel Cervantes) in the northern half of the historic centre, less than a kilometer from the cathedral. The official tourism web site This is Andalucía is at It is easy to get to by road, rail and air. Its airport is 7km to the northeast of the centre; fast trains from Madrid take two and a half hours.

The fee for the course is paid in two parts: a deposit of £230 or the equivalent in euros on registration (this will be returned in full if you have to withdraw before 1 September; after that you may hold it over to another course) and €300 on or before arrival in Seville. The fee includes payment for the music booklet, which contains all the music and will be sent to you in advance but not meals, travel or accommodation. To enrol, just email us and include the information listed below, or if we already know it just let us know that you would like to come. We will then send you details of how you may pay the deposit.

    • your name
    • address (to send you the music booklet)
    • telephone number(s)
    • preferred email address
    • voice (soprano I/soprano II/alto I/alto II/tenor I/tenor II/bass I/bass II)

Email us for further enquiries about SINGING IN SEVILLE