further details of a course for consort singers led by Robert Hollingworth
11 to 16 September 2022

Our plan is to meet in the evening for an evening session from 5pm to 7pm on Sunday 11 September 2022. Then on the following five days to do a full morning’s work, from 9.30am to 1pm, take a four-hour lunch break – to rest the voice and explore the city – before putting in another couple of hours of singing from 5pm to 7pm before supper. We will arrange a supper for everyone together on the first and last evenings (not included in the fee for the course), but let the party split into smaller groups on the other four evenings. The course will culminate in a public performance in the evening of Friday 16 September. Half the time will be spent as a choir on the eight-part music; the other half will be spent as consorts with one or two singers to a line – say which you prefer in your application. In the consort sessions Robert Hollingworth will be assisted by four invited Lacock scholars. There will be places for thirty-two singers.

Convictus has accommodation for twenty-five in the nuns’ former single bedrooms, with a bathroom shared with one or two other rooms. The cost for the room only is €60 (£51) per night. We have agreed to take all the rooms, so preference may be given to applicants who want to stay at Convictus. Payment for the rooms is made directly to Convictus at the end of the stay. There is ample alternative accommodation in the city, which can be booked through the usual channels. The address of Convictus is Via della Zecca, 41, Lucca 55100.

The fee for the course is paid in two parts: a deposit of £305 (or the equivalent in euros) on registration and €300 on or before arrival in Lucca. The deposit may be credited to another course if you have to withdraw and we are able to allocate your place to another singer. The fee includes payment for the music booklet, which will be sent to you in advance, but not meals, travel or accommodation. To enrol, just email us and include the information listed below, or if we already know it just let us know that you would like to come. We will then let you know if we can give you a place and send you details of how you may pay the deposit.

      o your name
      o address (to send you the music booklet)
      o telephone number(s)
      o preferred email address
      o voice (soprano – mean/mezzo – alto – tenor – baritone – bass)
      o do you want a bedroom at Convictus?
      o do you prefer to sing in a consort by yourself or with another voice on your line?

Email us for further enquiries about the Lucca Consort Week.


The organ in the chapel at Convictus dates from 1682 and is in working order. It has one manual, four ranks of pipes and a short octave pedalboard. It is tuned to A465Hz.